Upload files automatically from remote machine

I’m currently making a simple documement management system with Rails.
The DMS is a part of an automatic typesetting system, that outputs
various files on a local machine. My rails application will run on a
different machine/server.

Now I would like to send the genereated files to the rails application
automatically, and wonder what is the best way to go. I already have a
solution for uploading them to an FTP-server. Can a rails application
easily view the files in an FTP-folder, and then add/upload them to its
internal database? Is there a better way to feed the application with
files? Email? Subversion? (I’m a reails newbie)

(I can script the local machine to do lots of stuff with the files
after they are generated, so that’s not the problem.)

I’m grateful for any help

Eivind Løland-Andersen