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I have this view:

<%= form_tag({:action => ‘create’}, :multipart => true) %>

User <%= text_field("user","name") %>
Image <%= file_field("user","img") %>
<%= submit_tag "Create new user", :class => "submit" %> <%= end_form_tag %>

I use this form to upload an image. On the controller I have:

def create
params[:user][:img] = params[:user][:img].read
@user = User.new(params[:user])

  if @user.save

It reads the content of the file, saves it ok, but two questions:

First, is it ok to read on the controller? I saw samples on both the
controller and the model (on the model it just did not worked for me -
using img_field.read gives an error telling me

undefined method `read’ for #String:0xb651c3d4

Second, how, with just those two fields, with no other field on the form
with content-type and so on (I saw some samples with that), make sure
that the user will only upload, for example, PNG files? I made some code
on the controller, but is there a way to do that on the model?

I saw on “Agile Web D. with Rails” that they used a

validates_format_of :content-type, :with => /^image/

on the model, but as I don’t want to have a content_type field (and
don’t want to), is there a way do validate this?


I haven’t read you code, but why don’t you use the file_column plugin ?
just works and solves a lot of problems related to image upload

just works and solves a lot of problems related to image upload


But does it handle the content-type checking?

Best regards,

Yes, it does handle all content type validations. Its handy!


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