Upgrading rails 3.2.20 to rails 4.2.8

Hi, when I upgraded rails 3.3.20 to rails 4.2.8, I’m getting error when I start my server, the is as below. Could anyone please help me to resolve this following error. Thanks in advance
Error: bootstrap.rb:70:in `const_get’: uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Logger::TRACE (NameError)

Hi there,

First of all I would recommend that you upgrade one minor version at a time. It is harder to debug issues when you are trying to upgrade multiple minor versions at a time. Right now you are trying to do these jumps:

  • Rails 3.2 -> 4.0
  • Rails 4.0 -> 4.1
  • Rails 4.0 -> 4.2

I think that the issue you are seeing is related to the trace log level no longer being supported? See more here: Can not set trace level Rails 4 · Issue #5 · rocketjob/rails_semantic_logger · GitHub

Maybe you can try setting the log level to :debug?

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Hi, I tried upgrading from 3.2.20 to 4.0, yet I’m getting this error. Could you please help me out with some solution

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