Upgrading from OpenSuse11.2 to OpenSuse11.3 - Graphical sinks lost

Hi all,

I recently upgraded from OpenSuse 11.2 to OpenSuse 11.3 (x86_64). I
uninstalled; recompiled and reinstalled gnuradio, cheetah, qwt and
qwtplot3d; but I can’t see graphical sinks like fftsink2 or scopesink2.
Non gui samples like dial_tone.py work well, but a basic gui like
simplegui.py fail without errors; if I use “python simplegui.py” from a
terminal window, I have the prompt again after a few seconds without an
error message. What else could I try to see what is broken? Thanks in
advance for your help.

best regards,
Pedro Ignacio

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