Upgrading 2.6 to 4.03

I am using Typo 2.6.0 and want/need to upgrade to the most recent
Typo, Typo 4.0.3 since my web-based admin interface doesn’t really
work anymore.

I tried running the following command:
/home/admin/rubyapps/typo-4.0.3/bin/typo install /home/admin/

and I get the following error:

installer.rb:597:in find_source_directory': Can't locate version ! (RailsInstaller::InstallFailed) from /home/admin/gems/gems/rails-app-installer-0.2.0/lib/ rails-installer.rb:187:ininstall’
from /home/admin/gems/gems/rails-app-installer-0.2.0/lib/
rails-installer/commands.rb:95:in command' from /home/admin/gems/gems/rails-app-installer-0.2.0/lib/ rails-installer.rb:646:inexecute_command’
from /home/admin/rubyapps/typo-4.0.3/bin/typo:39

Any help would be appreciated.


It’s worth noting that typo 4.0.3 doesn’t work on the current version of

If you have current Rails (1.2.x) you’ll need to check out typo from
Subversion. Revision 1361 is working well for me.