Upgrade from R1.8.2 to R1.8.4


Hello you all,

this is my first time on this forum because I recently started to learn
this exciting “new” language and Frame stuff…

anyway, I used to have Ruby 1.8.2 installed with Rails and I wrote some
warmup applications on these. Yesterday I decided to update my Ruby and
Rails… about 4-5 hours later I finished… it wasn’t easy but what
is… right?

so I changed many things and finally everything seemed to be working (
my old applications! )

I created a new app with this new environment and I received a very nice
welcome note saying: “Welcome aboard! You’re riding on rails!” and there
is a link saying
About your applictaion’s environment… and when I click on this I got
a sweet red window: “For security purposes, this information is only
available to local requests!”

How can I change this?

I was trying to find solution on-line but I couldn’t find anything :frowning:

I have a server, I have debian 3.1 installed on it with Apache2 and the
latest updates of everything (I am not using WebRick!!!)

Thanks for your help!



Why do you need a solution to this?
They are not joking about this being because of security and I’m
confused on why you would want to show to the world the version of
things on your server.

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so I changed many things and finally everything seemed to be working (

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yeah just do a local wget if you have server access or something

is a link saying

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