Upgrade from 1.2.3 to 1.2.4 broke my restful routes with :collection et al routes

Ok I see that they replaced the ; in some routes with / however this
seems to have broken all my restful routes that use…

map.resources :places, :collection => { :tagged => :get }

Now the URL that is generated is /places/tagged (used to be /
places;tagged) and I get the error

Couldn’t find Place with ID=tagged

So I presume there is something else I need to do, but what? There is
no mention of these routes breaking.

If I do /places/tagged/1 it works but I don;t have an id to pass on
these routes.

Thanks for any help.

Oh well I guess it was my fault.

The upgrade and change to the routes exposed something that wasn’t a
problem in 1.2.3

It turns out that you can and should do this…

map.resources :places, :collection => { :tagged => :get, :top
=> :get }, :member => { :rate => :put }

rather than have this…

map.resources :places, :member => { :rate => :put }
map.resources :places, :collection => { :tagged => :get }
map.resources :places, :collection => { :top => :get }

The latter is what was causing my problems, as it generates duplicate
conflicting routes. whereas before the routes were not conflicting.

All works now.

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