Upgrade 1.0 => 1.1.2 Broke My App (environment.rb ?)

Short version: Do I need to re-run script/generate after doing ‘rails
.’ ??

My rails app worked fine under ruby 1.8.2 and rails 0.13. I then
upgraded to rails 1.0
and it still worked fine. Don’t ask me exactly what I did when I
upgraded rails then, I
don’t remember, exactly. Yesterday committed the rails app to svn then
I upgraded to
ruby 1.8.4 and tested and the rails app worked fine under ruby 1.8.4 and
rails 1.0.

Today I upgraded rails by typing ‘gem install rails
–include-dependencies’. I guess
that was the wrong thing to do. It doesn’t work anymore.

I don’t even have a config/boot.rb and the config/environments.rb is the
same 86 line file
as it was originally in November. So I’ve begun to see I have some work
to do but not yet
figured out what. Oh, and my rails/thing/rakefile is the same 206 line
thing it was back
in November, too. If you tell me how to fix it I promise to be good in
the future. I
think I must have upgraded to 1.0 by just doing the ‘gem install …’
thing and have been
happily banging away ever since. I am not so happy now.

The dev log says:
Your environment.rb uses the old syntax, it may not continue to work in
future releases.
For upgrade instructions please see:
LineItem Columns (0.361000) SHOW FIELDS FROM line_items
You have a nil object when you didn’t expect it!
The error occured while evaluating nil.primary_key_name
gs_to_association.rb:52:in `foreign_key_

I figured out to run ‘rails .’ and then do a full compare, adjusting any
differences as
needed. That was easier than I feared. I confess I’ve never run ‘rake
test’ and don’t
know what it did before but it sure complains now.

So now there is NO BUG and the message about environment.rb no longer
appears – but my
app doesn’t come up. Instead I get the generic rails “Welcome aboard”
page. How do I
find my app?

Do I need to re-run script/generate ??



Short answer: No. Just delete the public/index.html file. “rails .”
will generate this
file as a starting point by default. Your app should be back up and
running after
deleting the file (of course there could be stuff in your app that
break in Rails 1.1.2,
like certain plug-ins and libs).


Am 25.04.2006 um 23:49 schrieb Warren S.:

Mostly fixed. When I did ‘rails .’ it confusingly created a new
index.html that was just
one bug too many…

Warren S.

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