Updating set of images with RJS

I allow users to dynamically add and remove phone numbers with Ajax.
They can then mark the primary number by clicking on a star which
triggers an Ajax method to update the primary number.

That method calls an RJS template that I need to modify the newly
selected star as primary by changing its image to be star.gif & making
the other images become star_off.gif.

I am able to get the star image updating working partially, but I am
not sure how to pass the index parameter to my RJS call so that
everything will stay numbered correctly in my array.

I am also not sure how to go about converting all non-primary images
(including the previous primary) to be star_off while leaving the new
primary as star_on.

Relevant code below. Help is appreciated. Thanks!


<%= link_to_remote “#{star_image(phone, index)}”, :url => {:controller
=> ‘contacts’, :action =>‘mark_as_primary_phone’, :id => phone, :index
=> index} %>


page.replace ‘phone_off’, :partial => “/shared/star”, :locals => {
:phone => @phone}

anyone? im still stumped on this one.

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