Updating BBN80211

Hi all,

I am new at the GNU Radio and UHD Fields.
I have recently begin to make some modifications at the bbn_80211 code
(which is compatible with the GNU Radio’s 3.1.1 release) to make it run
with uhd and USRP N2X0.

But when modifying the “bbn80211.py” import section

“from gnuradio import usrp (or usrp2)” ==> “from gnuradio import uhd”

I got this error "ImportError: cannot import name uhd "
and even when running some of the bbn’s examples (bbn_80211_pkt;
bbn_80211_tap; bbn_80211_test) I got: “ImportError: cannot import name

  • Is it a problem of linking some modules by setting environement
    variables ?
    Or - Am I supposed to bring modification to the ‘Makefile’ of the
    bbn80211 and compile it again after all modifications are done.

Sorry if my questions are so general but if you see that I need to know
more about autotools don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regard,

My GNU Radio version is the 3.4 and I am using USRP N210.