Updated (Unofficial) Ruby One-Click Installer

Hello all Rubists that use Windows,

I’ll like to share with you the work done by Mike Hodgson:


As you can see in the post, the release is based on p114 instead of
p230, but with the patches required to workaround the issues reported
by Apple Security Team and also shown on Ruby website.

I’ll like to make some points clear about this, also:

  1. Even those bugs has been marked as “vulnerabilities” they don’t
    expose remote execution of code or any kind of similar problems, just
    crash of the application that it’s been exposed or allow those

  2. This version is based on PATCHLEVEL 114 with patches instead of 230
    or above, since P230 is not only broken for some users but the self-
    tests (make test-all) do not complete on Windows, as been reported to

  3. Since One-Click Installer involves several packages, compatibility
    is top priority, so 114 was the logical option.

  4. Even is not official release, I encourage users that feel panic
    about p114 or of those vulnerabilities update to Mike release.

  5. There was no official release because we are focusing our time on
    MinGW build instead, which, again is based on p114.

Ok, enough chit-chat, please send your thanks to Mike for his great
work and contribution!

Regards everybody,