Updated Engines Plugin

For those folks who are using engines, now might be a good time to
update you plugins, since they’ve been seeing some considerable love
recently, and some of the enhancements to the engines plugin itself
are going to be important in the future…

Below is a very quick outline of what’s new in the engines plugin and
the login engine itself. More information can be found in the README
files. The repository is also now available through http access, to
work with the modified script/plugin tool:


Engines Plugin (r144)

  • Extended support for testing - see the new ‘fixture’ method for
    flexibly using fixtures with configurable table names.
  • Migrations - engine schemas can now be migrated individually or as a
    group. Try running “rake engine_migrate” if you’re feeling brave, but
    please do read the README about this one.
  • Improved documentation rake tasks - “rake enginedoc” should now
    properly generate documentation all your engines, including the app
    directory (plugindoc misses this out).
  • Misc bug fixes

Login Engine (r144)

  • Many bug-fixes; all tests should now pass :wink:
  • Cleanup of code, making it easier to extend
  • Supports engine migrations for easier upgrading - “rake
    engine_migrate ENGINE=login_engine”

Thanks for everyones feedback, and especially those who’s contributed
ideas and fixes!

  • james