Updated BBN 80211 code for current release (3.1.3)?

Hi everyone,

I am new to gnuradio and plan to do some cross-layer implementation (MAC
PHY layers with MIMO) on gnuradio. I intalled the newest stable version
gnuradio (v3.1.3) and plan to use BBN 802.11 code or span80211b with it.
However, it seems that BBN 802.11 and span80211 code can only be used
the earlier version of gnuradio (see https://www.cgran.org/wiki/Projects
I read the emaillist archieve and found some people were discussing this
working on it. What is the newest updates about this? Does anyone
use it this way?

Thank a lot.


Yihu Li wrote:

Thank a lot.


I’ve been on and off working on this, and expect to be spending more
time on it now. However, I don’t currently have anything that works with
the latest stable release. I have a branch in the bbn_80211 project
(https://www.cgran.org/cgran/projects/bbn_80211/branches/douggeiger) if
you want to see what I’m working on at the moment - but again, it is not
currently functional. If you want to take a look and help (send
patches/suggestions, etc.) that would be welcome.

Doug G.
Research Assistant
Communications and Signal Processing Lab
Oklahoma State University
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[email protected]

Hi Doug,

Thank you for the information provided. Definately I will go to check
codes. However, I do not think I can contribute now because I am still
new to these stuff. I do hope I can put some contributions someday. :slight_smile:

I am still have some questions/comments as below:

  1. From your experience, what are the major challenges to port the BBN
    802.11 codes to the newer gnu radio release?

  2. Why doesn’t gnu radio team include BBN 802.11 code in their office
    release, just same as what they have done to the m-block codes? Then
    codes would be better maintained and utilized.

  3. BBN 802.11 codes are only compatitable with some older version of gnu
    radio (v3.1.1). If I have to use the lower version gnu radio in order to
    utilize the bbn 802.11 codes, what power and functionality I will lose
    from not using the new current ralease. Is this an acceptable
    Maybe I can not use the new USRP2 boards since they are just newly
    and probably not supported by the older version gnu radio. what else?

  4. Most people who need BBN 802.11 PHY codes also need to work on MAC
    mostly working on Click modular router. As I saw in some papers, BBN
    implmented two APIs (an MAC-Subnet API for Click to use to talk to the
    layer, and aonther Radio API for MAC layer to talk to the GNU Radio) and
    model MAC in Click. They are supposed to be open-sourced. Have you used
    or know where to find them?



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