Update to Jaunty

Well, with some help from you all, I finally got my USRP1 going, at
as far as the first simple test, with Ubuntu 8, about 2 months back.
I had to let it slide for a couple of months. When I return to task, the
site tells me there’s an updated version of Gnu Radio for Ubuntu 9.04.
With much trepidation, I updated the Ubuntu, with no glitches, and then
updated the whole Gnuradio with the suggested binary.
Absolutely incredible. Ran a couple of GRC examples, modified one, and
looking at an FFT of my signal gen at 2400 MHz. Not a hitch! Made me
jaunty (ha).
I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the effort
you put into GNU radio!!! As a complete newbie, to have an app running
gives me the impetus to get on with my own app!
Thanks again.

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