Update to build-gnuradio

I updated build-gnuradio this evening to support a “-a” or “–autotools”
option, to cause the
Gnu Radio part of the build to revert to a “traditional” autotools
build, rather than use the
“cmake” build. This option will obviously break at such time as the
auto-tools build pathway
is deprecated in the codebase and suffers fatal bit-rot.

It also checks to see if you have uhd.* and gnuradio.* directories
(which are generally created
by build-gnuradio moving “uhd” and “gnuradio” directories to one side
when pulling new ones down)
that are taking up significant room, and asks you if you want to
delete them.


I suppose that I should probably put it up on CGRAN under SVN control at
some point, but it’s
a single file :slight_smile:

Principal Investigator
Shirleys Bay Radio Astronomy Consortium