Update_tap method in adaptive filter class

I’m looking at Coverity issue 1046173, Self Assignment.



Now, this function obviously doesn’t do anything. I am trying to work
out the best way to resolve the issue. Can someone explai what we are
trying to do here? Is there some missing code that needs writing, so I
should replace this line with a comment? Or should we just remove this


On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 2:03 PM, Philip B. [email protected]



Basically, and adaptive_filter like this is never meant to be run by
itself. It should always be subclassed and the “error” and
“update_tap” functions overloaded.

I think this issue represents a issue we had early on when converting
over the 3.7 where we couldn’t declare this as a virtual class and use
it properly outside of gr-filter. We’ve since figured that out (IIRC),
but this was left as is since it wasn’t, technically, bothering

The real way this should work is to turn this into a virtual class
that things like the cma and lms_dd equalizers inherit from and
overload those two functions.