[UPDATE] RubyConf 2006 registration pre-info

Hi –

Here’s the current status of RubyConf registration:

I’m tinkering with the form… We’re using an outside registration
service for the first time, so I have to make sure I get it right, and
it’s actually pretty complicated (I think). We got our credit card
merchant account, so we’re good to go on that score.

My current plan, barring unforeseen whatever, is to open registration
on August 2. I’m going to be in Los A. doing Rails training, so
it’s a bit dependent on hotel connectivity and stuff, and it will
probably be in the evening, Pacific time.

We’ll announce it on mailing lists and on the Ruby Central site
(http://www.rubycentral.org), and wherever else we can think of :slight_smile:


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