Update my Application

Hi guys,

  I'm creating my forms without the scaffold script, and now, I

needed to add one more column in my table. But how can I update this?
When I type something in this new text field, my database do not
insert this new data.



I’m not totally clear what you mean. Once, you add a field to your
table, you will also need to add a text field for it in your form_tag
or form_for in your view. Can you post the code you’re using in your
view with the form and also the code that performs the action.

Jason Arora

As I understand your question, you need to do migration of the column
like this

script/generate migration AddColumnToTable

in the 0_0_x_add_column_to_table.rb file in db/migrate you need to add
this column using

add_column :table_name, :column_name, :type(string, int, etc)

then you execute
rake db:migrate

do not forget to update your views so they match with the new change

I wish I answered you