Update: gr-basic renamed to gr-blocks

For those of you following (or using) work on the gr-basic branch:

  1. As Tom requested, the component has been renamed to gr-blocks. I
    guess the idea is that this will become a dumping ground for new blocks
    that don’t quite fit into the other components.

Also, for convenience, the blocks in this namespace are imported into
gr, so you can gr.add or gr.multiply when coding in python

  1. And the branch with this work has also been renamed to gr_blocks

I should mention that the inplace work is not part of gr_blocks (it had
been merged into gr_basic). If I combine too many useful features into
one branch, it will never get merged :slight_smile:

  1. I fixed some bugs with the stream selector block. One of which was
    the decontructor blowing up, which was caused by not using this
    heinous little monster:

I see why we need this, but I must have spent a solid day over the last
2 weeks rewriting the block and tearing it up piece by piece until I
discovered that I was supposed to be using magic.

Anyways… feedback is always welcome!