Update and update_attribute woes

i can not get update to work via controller/server.

it works via console ???

this is what i get when i run it

Club Load (0.005893) SELECT * FROM clubs WHERE (clubs.“id” = 3)
SQL (0.000570) BEGIN
SQL (0.000454) COMMIT

club.update_attributes(:state => "CA")


Club.update(3, :state => "CA")

what am i overlooking?

Although you neither show nor mention any errors from your log, consider
these two points. First, AR::Base#update_attributes returns false if the
save fails any validations; check its return value. Second,
returns the object whether save is successful or not; check it by
club.valid?. Other than that, I think you’d have to post the code that
you’re using in the controller to update the club and the code that you
successfully in the console.

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