Update All using Checkboxes

So I have a list of jobs which I show like this. (cleaned up…)


<% for job in @jobs %>

<% end %>

I want checkboxes next to each and every job name and a button or link
somewhere else on the page to “delete selected”, “publish selected” ,
and “unpublish selected”

I have seen the RailsCast which does this, but it uses REST and I am
not using REST and am confused.

Can anyone help?

I need the data of the checkboxes in the controller. Just not sure how
to get it.

I am pretty sure I want something like this in the view.

But don’t know what the form header or submit buttons should look like
to get me the data in the controller.

<%= job.name %>
<%= check_box_tag "job_ids[]", job.id %>