Upcoming release of mime-types 2.0

I’ve been making significant progress on a new version of mime-types. My
original plan had been to finish it by the end of September, but now I
to have it finished by the end of October pending some extra eyes on the
(I may have to revisit parts of the deprecation decisions I’ve made,
because it
appears that some people use or are advised to use

There are some breaking API changesmostly in internal housekeeping
and other features marked experimental, but the most important API
change is
that mime-types 2.0 no longer supports Ruby 1.8.

If this matters, you need to change your gem specification for
mime-types from
>= to ~> in the next week or so, or there will be ruin on your
projects. I’ve already heavily integrated features that are Ruby
1.9-only, and
Ruby 1.8 is now officially out of support. There will be no turning
back, and I
will not be providing data updates to the mime-types 1.x series moving


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