Unsynchronized Ruby on Rails Mailing Lists

I noticed that my last post to the “Ruby on Rails: Talk” Google group
did not show up at ruby-forum.com. However, my past messages have shown
up in Google G. when submitting via ruby-forum.com. I notice many
people submitting via ruby-forum.com because of the automatic
signature. These submitters may not see replies to their thread if
viewing replies at ruby-forum.com.

Have others noticed this behavior? Is this broken?

Also, is submitting to [email protected] deprecated? Do
emails submitted there show up on Google G.? There is no mention of
the “Ruby on Rails: Talk” Google group on the
http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/pages/MailingLists page. Where is the
“the official” posting place?


For me, the official posting place is ruby-forum because I can’t post
via google groups interface…
This post:

does not show up in google groups.