Unrecognized exception in gr-uhd


Using the latest gnuradio/next v3.3.1git-865-gd429522b and UHD from
yesterday (commit c14bbffbebb817fc1c622785094268fe68164c60) I get
thread[thread-per-block[0]: <gr_block uhd single_usrp source (1)>]:
caught unrecognized exception
whenever I call the gr.top_block.unlock(), stop() and maybe also
wait() functions.

I have attached a simple Python script which triggers this exception.
I am using USRP1 and the exception occurs with both WBX and RFX2400

I didn’t notice any side effects. The receiver code where I discovered
this performs some reconfiguration of the flow graph between lock()
and unlock() and it continues to function after the exception.

My previous reference is v3.3.1git-832-ga2262b6b from Jan 11 and UHD
b4d58f3501596fdddf240d576d0b1b2cb5862892 where this issue did not


probably a boost thread interrupt, help me narrow this down, are you
using USRP1? -Josh

Yes, I use USRP1 with WBX and RFX2400 and it occurs with both

Looks like i removed an interruption disable in the libusb
implementation (that actually gets called externally by send/recv). Its
restored in the master now.

Do you mind pulling and retrying?
Thanks, -josh

I pulled and updated UHD and I get no more exceptions! Thanks for the
quick fix and have a nice weekend.


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