UNO-Ruby Bridge

Hi All,

Currently I have a requirement to study the feasibility of implementing
an UNO-Ruby bridge. As part of this I need to evaluate various Ruby
implementations for the following list of items:
a. Thread-safetyness (reentrant?, usage of global/static variables)
b. Multithreading capabilities
c. Usage of UNIX Signals (e.g. SIGUSR, SIGALRM, …)
d. Embeddability (e.g. loading the ruby implementation as shared
library) and Stand-Alone functionality (e.g. interactive ruby shell)
e. Ruby language compatibility to the standard ruby interpreter
f. Extendability of the ruby implementation (e.g. extensions must
implement static functions (eg. in the original ruby), or extensions are
called dynamically)

I am relatively new to Ruby and hence would be greatful if you could
provide me with some pointers to kick start my study. I have started
looking at the documents available at

thanks and best regards,