I don’t get the use case for unmanageable. Why would one make a class
an Og object but have Og manager not manage it?

BTW, “unmanageable” means “impossible to manage”, as in “out of control”
– could there be a better name for it? “notmanaged” or “unmanaged”?

Oh… now I get part of it… but still, is there a use case for
explicitly marking a class as Unmanageable, or is it just that this
already extant feature is available in case that need arises?

Unmanageable classes include classes:

* without serializable attributes

* explicitly marked as Unmanageable (is Og::Unamanageable)

* are polymorphic_parents (ie thay are used to spawn polymorphic


Number 3 of thes points is the …killer appp for Unmanageable:

for example lets say you have a basic Content class:

class Content


and you derive some Classes for your app:

class Article < Content


class ForumPost < Content


as you can see Content is a ‘helper’ class. You don’t want actual sql
etc created for it. You hint Og by making Content unmanageable.