Unit Tests and Default Values

We have a fairly simple model that appears to be throwing an error
when using unit tests, but we don’t know why. Seems to work well
enough from our controllers just throws the error in test.
We have a table that contains a field called user_id that holds the ID
of the user who created the post. The definition is:

t.column “user_id”, :integer, :null => false

The post model belongs to :user and user has_many :posts

This works fine except for unit tests, for some bizzare reason. When
we perform a simple unit test like

def test_blank_post

post = Post.create(:user  => users(:spanogebob))
assert !post.valid?


which should assert to true since the body of the post will be blank,
which is not allowed. However, what we get is a MySQL error:

Field ‘user_id’ doesn’t have a default value: Insert into
‘posts’ (‘id’) values (2)

Anyone have any idea why this is happening.

Thanks in advance


post = Post.create(:user_id => users(:spanogebob).id)

work for you?


No, unfortunately it’s the same if we do that.


Wow, I’ve been on this for days now and can’t seem to work out where
I’m going wrong.
It must be something I’m doing wrong

Hmm. I guess you could write some tests proving that the has_many /
belongs_to relationships exist and are working. Otherwise we’ll need to
code to help you out.



post = Post.create(:user  => users(:spanogebob))

we get is a MySQL error:

What happens where you don’t use fixtures but real objects :

fixtures … don’t load any fixture at all

spongebox = User.create( …)
post = Post.create(:user => spanogebob)

Alain R.