Unique Ruby position in SC - USA


Hello Ruby users,

I read a posting that said that it would be OK to post unique Ruby
positions on this group so here goes.

I am working on a unique position that involves Ruby. If you have a
preference for Ruby but also know Python and Perl and have a can do
attitude about working with Perl and Python code or vice versa this
might be right for you. We are working with client that is almost
interested in language agnostic folks that just strive to achieve the
best quality code. This company develops nothing but the cutting edge
software using the latest software development techniques. OO
techniques are at the top of the list.

They are looking for someone who has a background in math with a strong
interest in solving problems, linear programming, operations research.
Must have a strong background in data structures and algorithms.

This client has a true knack for getting involved in the open source
community and strongly encourages that along with creativity and
innovative techniques.

The location is in beautiful Charleston, SC. www.charleston.com.

If interested please apply online


or contact:

Gil Vander Voort
Core Search Group
Where Software Talent is Number One.
(877) 364-6003
(803) 233-2676

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