Unintialize constant User::HappyMapper (Name Error)

Hi All,

I am not able to run the HappyMapper example posted on the site.

I have attached the copy of the NetBean RubyProject which has where I am
trying to get that example to work.

Step done so far:

  1. gem install happymapper
  2. Created RubyApplication project in NB
  3. Copy and Pasted the code HappyMapper example code from their site :

Getting error:
E:/RubyApplication4/lib/main.rb:26:in <class:User>': uninitialized constant User::HappyMapper (NameError) from E:/RubyApplication4/lib/main.rb:25:in

I am new to Ruby World…Pls Help!!!

Thanks in Advance!!!

Perhaps a …

require ‘happymapper’

at the beginning of your code will save your day.

Abinoam Jr.