Uninstalling & Reinstalling Bug


I’m just a 5 minutes ago ruby user and I wanted to share something I
have just experienced in installing ruby,

I installed ruby, everything works perfectly,

I went to the online tutorial recommended by the ruby website,

I found 2 files I should download and copy in the text editor (SciTE)
directory so my code gets colored according to the commands I write,

The thing is,

These 2 files are related to old version of SciTE, when the tutorial was
made long ago. So if do the same you gona make your SciTE code pages
looks worst than before.

So, I tried to uninstall ruby package and reinstall it again, then I
figured out that when you install RUBY for the first time is auto-edit
your system variables path to point on the ruby bin folder, but when you
uninstall and reinstall it again, you need to make it manually.

So, if you test your programs after reinstalling and you find out that
ruby is not a recognized application, don’t worry

Didn’t go deep … but just thought that some beginners like me may want
to know it …