Uninstalling extensions

I just installed an extension that appears to have done nothing but
break the admin/pages interface in Firefox.

I ran the db:migrate and followed the install instructions for the
rake task for the extension but still nothing.

So I just want to remove it and get back to the pristine Radiant I
had before.

Is there a “best practice” sort of way to remove extensions? Or is
just deleting them sufficient?


Independently of the specific advice you get on this concrete topic, you
should be using a version control system. With a good software
configuration management strategy you would not have had this problem.



Right now the easiest way is to just remove the directory. If the
extension migrations changed something, run this first:

rake radiant:extensions:extension_name:migrate VERSION=0

Loren and I, in what little spare time we have, are working on a way to
discover, install, and remove extensions. This should hopefully be live
by the time we have 0.6.5 and will include a web service/site for
finding and registering extensions.


Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I was still having problems after
that. Fortunately it was just the test site I was playing with while
getting Apache/Mongrels et al. setup, so it was no great tragedy to
just dump it and start again.


John, while it’s unfortunate that you had to take that route, I’m
curious as to which extension was installed and what error you were

If we can locate and patch or re-document the reason you had the
problem, it will help everyone moving forward.


It’s the copy_move extension and it all looks like javascript errors.
(as reported by Firebug)
on /admin/pages/
pages (line 120)
SiteMap is not defined
[Break on this error] new SiteMap(‘site-map’, [1]);

on /admin/pages/edit/1
1 (line 275)
RuledTable is not defined
[Break on this error] new RuledTable(‘snippets’);

on /admin/snippets/
snippets (line 61)
RuledTable is not defined
[Break on this error] new RuledTable(‘snippets’);

However, even after destroying the offending directory and starting
over with radiant --database mysql /newdirectory/ (re-ran the rake
production db:bootstrap to clear the database also) I am still having
problems. So I think the extension might have wrongly caught the
blame here.

Could there still be residue of the extension left after both
deleting the original folder and re-running rake production
db:bootstrap and letting that overwrite the existing entries?

Upon further investigation it appears that Firefox is receiving blank
files for:
but not for any of the other .js files used in the admin interface
(and not even for the above files if I browse directly to them, like
http://domain.tld/javascripts/sitemap.js; or if I include them in the
head of the Normal layout they arrive just fine also). Compounding my
confusion is the fact that Safari, Camino, OmniWeb and Opera all
receive those .js files complete.

So maybe it’s just something broken in Firefox…to check this I
removed my ~/Application Support/Firefox folder and launched fresh
and still had the same problems with blank .js files, so I re-
installed Firebug and sure enough the same errors are there.

At this point I am utterly confused. Any help/advice is greatly