Uninstalling an extension and go live with sqlite3

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if there was a way to remove an extension from radiant.
have both the copy/move and the reorder installed and only the reorder
appears in the admin console. Until there is a way for those to
co-exist, I
would like to get rid of the reorder without having to destroy and
recreate the content of my database. Any help on this would be

Also we are going live with our new radiant site on new year, i’m
getting a
little nervous and wonder if using sqlite3 as the database back end is a
wise choice and will cause performance degradation. Once live the site
rarely be modified.

Thank you all and merry christmas.


Simply delete the vendor/extensions/reorder directory and you’ll be good
to go.


Sean: what about any database changes? If he wants to clean up, won’t
he have to migrate down?

Also, I seem to remember those extensions modifying the Admin JS or
CSS files (although this was awhile ago)? Will he have to restore
those too?


Re: your SQLite question: I don’t have any benchmarks to back this up,
but I would assume that Radiant’s caching mechanism should take a good
deal of the load off of the database, especially if modifications are
rare. The default behavior is for cache expiry to be 5 minutes, but
you could make that even longer.

(Ooops, when I said “(although this was awhile ago)”, I meant to say
“(although this might have been changed)”.

Yes, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Reorder adds the ‘position’
column, but it can safely be ignored if he doesn’t want to migrate
down. Reorder doesn’t touch the stock JS/CSS files, however, it does
dynamically modify the interface using Shards.


I don’t think there’s an easy way to undo files that have been
overwritten, but if you want copy-move to prevail, you should be able to
delete the reorder extension and then do this:

|rake RAILS_ENV=production radiant:extensions:copy_move:install|

That should take care of copying back the files that copy-move likes…

12/21/2007 | 11:34 PM.

Hi Christian,

You can set a number of options on the ReponseCache in
config/environment.rb. Look at the end – (in mine at least)
:directory and :logger are set. You can add one for :expiry_time

Check the documentation by ResponseCache#initialize in
radiant/app/models/response_cache.rb for more details.


Hi there, deleting the reorder directory did the trick nicely. Thank
How can I increase the caching timeout?
Thank you

On 12/21/07, Sean C. [email protected] wrote:

he have to migrate down?

I was wondering if there was a way to remove an extension from
little nervous and wonder if using sqlite3 as the database back end is
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