Uninstalling all Ruby files

Hello! I need to uninstall Ruby completely, but looks like there is
something left behind. I’ve installed Ruby 2.2.2 but then i wanted to
delete it and install Ruby 2.0.0 that i can continue to some youtube
Ruby tutorials. Now that i have deleted Ruby 2.2.2 folders i’m trying to
install Ruby 2.0.0 but it shows in cmd that there are my new directory
and the old one. That’s why i receiving error when i write >ruby dk.rb
install it shows [ERROR] Skipping invalid directory C:/row/Ruby22. How
can i delete it so i can use only the new one? Thank you !

You have removed the old directory completely?

Also have a look at the software center, ruby might be registered there
I think (and to do the same again, you could always install it again,
then uninstall through the software center; but actually, I remember
that when I was using windows, just deleting the directory was enough
for me).