"uninitialized constant Reloadable" error heads-up

I can’t duplicate this problem on my local machine, but also can’t find
mentions of it on the Gmane archive, so thought I’d just throw in a
mention in case anyone else comes across it.

On Textdrive, using gem rails 1.1, in an app that works fine on my local
machine, I get the following error in my production.log:

“uninitialized constant Reloadable”

This is in a custom model, not a subclass of ActiveRecord::Base, and the
problem goes away as soon as I comment out the following line on the
server (and restart it):

include Reloadable

It’s on Textdrive and they appear to be running the latest Ruby version
and so
on, so I don’t really know why it’s not working.

Anyway, I only need this mixin feature during in development, so it’s
not the
end of the world, but I thought I’d post a heads-up anyway, in case
else has the same problem at some point.



Dave S.
Rent-A-Monkey Website Development

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Does anybody know why you can’t use Reloadable – I need this for


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