Unicorn 0.96.0 - Rack 1.1 extras for fast clients

Unicorn is an HTTP server for Rack applications designed to only serve
fast clients on low-latency, high-bandwidth connections and take
advantage of features in Unix/Unix-like kernels. Slow clients should
only be served by placing a reverse proxy capable of fully buffering
both the the request and response in between Unicorn and slow clients.


This release includes small changes for things allowed by Rack
1.1. It is also now easier to detect if daemonized process
fails to start. Manpages received some minor updates as well.

Rack 1.1 allowed us to make the following environment changes:

  • “rack.logger” is now set to the “logger” specified in
    the Unicorn config file. This defaults to a Logger
    instance pointing to $stderr.

  • “rack.version” is now at [1,1]. Unicorn remains
    compatible with previous Rack versions if your app
    depends on it.

While only specified since Rack 1.1, Unicorn has always exposed
“rack.input” in binary mode (and has ridiculous integration
tests that go outside of Ruby to prove it!).