UNICOM, Video Conferencing in Pakistan

UNICOM, Video Conferencing in Pakistan

We at Unicom are pleased to inform you that we have expanded our
network of video conferencing studios in all major cities of Pakistan
including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta,
Hayderabad, Nawabshah, Muzafarabad, Sialkot and now in Faisalabad and
Gujrawala .

All of our studio are equipped with professional video conferencing
equipment and both ISDN and High Speed IP Broadband on DSL for

We can also provide you video conferencing studios in Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait, UAE, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka through our business
affiliates in these countries.

US$ 150 per hour during office hours
US$ 175 per hour during after office hours

Media Charges
ISDN Call charges US$ 40 per hour on 128K ISDN Line
ISDN Call charges US$ 80 per hour on 256K ISDN Line
On IP DSL Broadband per hour US$ 40

Please contact us on following numbers or visit our website , for any further information contact us at
[email protected] .

Pakistan +9221-4324422 Toll Free: 0800-21112
USA and Canada +866-357-7038
United Kingdom +208-002-9272