UnicodeUtils 0.1.0 - more Unicode for Ruby 1.9

UnicodeUtils is a new, pure Ruby library that provides additional
Unicode string manipulation functions for Ruby 1.9.

Install with RubyGems:

$ gem install unicode_utils

Online documentation: http://unicode-utils.rubyforge.org/
RubyForge project: http://rubyforge.org/projects/unicode-utils/
Source: http://github.com/lang/unicode_utils

Example code:

require "unicode_utils"

UnicodeUtils.name "æ" => "LATIN SMALL LETTER AE"

# Ruby 1.9 currently doesn't provide Unicode-aware case conversion

UnicodeUtils.upcase "Straße" => "STRASSE"

UnicodeUtils.downcase "Ümit" => 

Plans for future releases:

* implement language-specifc rules for upcase/downcase
* normalization
* sorting, ...

On Oct 27, 6:06 pm, “Stefan L.” [email protected]

UnicodeUtils.name "æ" => "LATIN SMALL LETTER AE"


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