Unicode and ROR


I have created a simple translation web application, but it seems that
I’m missing something.

The controller part, where I set the value is giving me an exception
unless I’m sending plain English characters.

For example:

In controller:

def translate
@result = “mi
corazón” end

In view (translate.rhtml):

<%= @result -%>

I’m getting exception:

C:/dev/code/sandbox/app/controllers/api_controller.rb:4: unterminated
string meets end of file
C:/dev/code/sandbox/app/controllers/api_controller.rb:4: syntax error,
unexpected $end, expecting kEND

If I’m using the same code in a ruby script, everything is fine:

@result = "mi
corazón"puts @result

What am I doing wrong?

It looks like you miss END or something like that?

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