Undefined method `register_hot_key' for Wx::Window


I am trying to register a global hotkey using wxruby on Windows XP
SP3. The documentation at
http://wxruby.rubyforge.org/doc/window.html#Window_registerhotkey says
that register_hot_key is available (although I don’t quite understand
the comment there about Windows CE).

Anyway, here is the smallest piece of code I could come up with for
reproducing the problem:

require ‘wx’
frame = Wx::Frame.new
frame.register_hot_key(100, Wx::MOD_ALT, Wx::K_F1)

=> NoMethodError: undefined method `register_hot_key’ for

Wx::Frame inherits from Wx::Window, so I would expect that method to be

Any ideas on why this doesn not work? Am I doing something wrong?

I am using wxruby (2.0.1 x86-mingw32).

Fine regards