Undefined method `includes_values' for :conditions:Symbol

Rails 3 / Ruby 1.9.2

Over the weekend I saw the “undefined method `includes_values’
for :conditions:Symbol” error for the 1st time while working with


Anyway, i fixed the query and moved on.

Today I hit the error again but I do not have any include queries.
It seems that rails is generating it.

I have a cart that has many cart_items and a cart item belongs to a

When I try to access the domain in my cart view I get the
‘includes_values’ error on this item (item.domain.id)

<% @cart.cart_items.each{|item| %>

  • Now if I access the domain object in the controller it works fine

    for item in @cart.cart_items
      item.domain.name  #TODO  total hack to avoid undefined method

    `includes_values’ for :conditions:Symbol

    Obviously I don’t want to do this but it fixes the problem. Has
    anyone else run into this, usually I figure out my own problem at
    this point but I’m still stumped. :-\

    Thanks in advance for any pointers

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