Undefined method `generate_token'

Hi Everyone…

I’m following a railscast episode on how to implement an invitation

It’s going really well, but i’ve hit a minor snag that I cant get

undefined method `generate_token’ for #Invitation:0x2563bf8

The invite form allows me to check for a user, and whether they
already have registered. If they have, the invitation is not sent, and
a flash message is printed.

If the email does not exist, the invite count (starts at 5) decrements
until you have none left.

When i click invite, i get the error above. It’s moaning about this
line: @invitation.sender = @user

i tied replacing @user with user, but still no use…

def create
@invitation = Invitation.new(params[:invitation])
@invitation.sender = @user
if @invitation.save
flash[:notice] = “Thanks - Invitation sent successfully.”
redirect_to hub_url
render :action => ‘new’

Any ideas why this wont decrement, and why this error is still

Many Thanks

You should specify where @user is defined, otherwise it looks like an
undefined variable issue. You haven’t defined @user in the code you
pasted. Most authentication schemes define the current logged in user
as “current_user” or “User.current”. Are you defining it as @user?

On Feb 9, 6:05 pm, RubyonRails_newbie [email protected]

Ok -

So should I have another line in that says:

user = invitation.sender followed by

@invitation.sender = @user ?

Sorry - may be a daft question, but trying to get my head round it as
I go. The tutorial has been trouble free until this… :slight_smile: