Undefined method `find' for Status:Class

I’m getting a “undefined method `find’ for Status:Class” whenever I
install Radiant (either through the gem or an svn co) and then launch
through Locomotive.

This happens when loading the “home page” of the Simple Blog or the
Empty website. If I launch the server directly without Locomotive
running everything works as expected.

Any ideas? I did see messages about this error in July but never saw
a resolution nor did it appear at that time to be related to
Locomotive (http://lists.radiantcms.org/pipermail/radiant/2006-July/

I’ve confirm the presence of models/status.rb, etc. It seems to be
some sort of path issue related to the Radiant configuration and
Locomotive settings…


Loren J.
[email protected]

Hi Loren,

I have also had a similar problem since upgrading Locomotive over the
I’m not sure what the exact problem is, but it seems to have something
to do with the default server in Locomotive being changed to Mongrel
instead of Lighttpd…
I got around the problem by putting ‘server: lighttpd’ in the
config/locomotive.yml (?) file, making it use Lighttpd instead of

if anyone can shed some light on why the error is occurring in the
first place, I would also be grateful…



Great tip, that fixes it for now and I too would like to know why
it’s not working under Mongrel. Hmmm

Cheers to you,


On Oct 2, 2006, at 9:12 PM, Michael R. wrote:

first place, I would also be grateful…
Loren J.
[email protected]