Unable to find header decoding block

Dear All,

I was exploring the narrowband benchmark codes, I am not able to figure
how the header of an incoming packet is read. It appears that the
connections made are:

where framer_sink has the received packet queue. However, the
function is defined so to unmake the payload, which means that the
has been read apriori. I would like to know in which step the packet
is read, and how to access the signal processing block that does it.

I need to customize the packet header and add extra processing to the
header decoding block. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,


Correlator (input=1 bit-per-byte) detects the header while framer_sink
separates the payload.
Output of correlator the 1st bit location represents input data (1
bit-per-byte) while 2nd bit location represents the detection of header.
Framer sinks keeps on checking this 2nd bit and separates payload bits.


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