Unable to create pdf

prawn (0.8.4)
prawn-core (0.8.4)
prawn-format (0.2.3)
prawn-layout (0.8.4)
prawn-security (0.8.4)

the above gem ive used for pdf
this is the error i get
NoMethodError in Employee#profile_pdf

Showing app/views/employee/profile_pdf.pdf.prawn where line #1 raised:

undefined method `header’ for #Prawn::Document:0xb6603d10

Extracted source (around line #1):

1: pdf.header pdf.margin_box.top_left do
2: if FileTest.exists?("#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/uploads/image/
3: logo = “#{RAILS_ROOT}/public/uploads/image/institute_logo.jpg”
4: else

RAILS_ROOT: /home/hanish/Honey/eabyasbio16dec
Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace

color.rb:72:in method_missing' /home/hanish/Honey/eabyasbio16dec/app/views/employee/ profile_pdf.pdf.prawn:1:in_run_prawn_app47views47employee47profile_pdf46pdf46prawn’
employee_controller.rb:623:in profile_pdf' /home/hanish/Honey/eabyasbio16dec/app/controllers/ employee_controller.rb:622:inprofile_pdf’

i used the pdf before wht is the error
thanks in advance

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