UHD problem

hi all,

i am using usrp1 and a basic tx when i run any uhd example that
transmits data i see the meta data going out from the fx2 to the fpga
but it never goes to the codec so no signal is generated

any help is appreciated


Are you using tx_waveforms? How are you measuring the received signal?
Try this:
./tx_waveforms --ampl=0.5 --rate=4e6 --gain=20
–wave-type=SINE–wave-freq=10e3 --freq=1.1e6
This should produce a tone at 1.11MHz on the TX_A output of the BasicTX.
If you don’t see the desired tone, please cut and paste the
entireoutput of the command.
2011/12/13 osama mohamed [email protected]: