"uhd_find_devices" command returns "No UHD Devices Found"

Dear all,

I have a trouble with “uhd_find_devices” command.

After burning firmware and fpga images on SD card, I inserted the SD
card into SD memory port and powered on USRP2.
Next, I carried out “sudo ifconfig eth0” and “ping”. These commands were carried out successfully.

After that, I carried out “sudo ./uhd_find_devices” command. This
command worked for a while, however, after some time, returned “No UHD
Devices Found”.

I want to know why the return of “uhd_find_devices” command changed to
“No UHD Devices Found”.

Best regards,
Nakajo T.

After that, I carried out “sudo ./uhd_find_devices” command. This

Is perhaps Network Manager taking your ethernet interface down? It
needs to be configured
for a static address assignment with no DHCP.

Also, what happens when you:

uhd_usrp_probe --args “addr=”

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