Uhd drivers compatible with usrp1 (Ebtisam Ahmed)

Hello Ebtisam,

I have no experience with previous UHD versions, but I can tell you that
used the last version with UN210 and USRP1 and it seems to work fine.
It is true that I noticed some troubleshooting when executing the
uhd_fft.py file, for example with “the peak hold value” or even when
running the file (the GUI got grey and not responsive) . However it
to be a common problem in many computers (i checked it in two and the
problem happened in un210 and usrp1) due to opengl or cpu
overcomsuption. I
say this just to expose some of the “strange” problems I have
so far.
To summarize, the master branch of UHD seems to not have problems of
compatibility with USRP1.