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Will BitShark be supported in UHD? Would it be easy to merge from GIT

Will BitShark be supported in UHD? Would it be easy to merge from GIT 3.3?

Yes, we intend to provide support for the BURX board under UHD. Our
original intention was to let the UHD stabilize a bit before diving
in. In addition, we were waiting to see how the UHD daughterboard API
was going to support building dynamically loadable modules that used
this interface while still plugging in to the rest of the UHD
infrastructure. From Josh’s original post back on 4/15:

"For those of you who have developed custom daughter cards for the usrp,
you will not need to maintain a separate branch off of the uhd to
support your product. Rather, you will be able to build
dynamically-loadable modules compiled against the uhd daughterboard api.

Josh: can you provide any more insight as to which portion of the UHD
daughterboard API you are referencing here? How will this fit in with
the dboard_manager concept currently in use in the UHD? From what I
have seen in the latest git repo, support for each daughterboard seems
to be provided through a daughterboard-specific file located in

We’ve had a number of people contact us about this, so one way or
another we’ll get support added in.

John O.
CEO/System Architect
Epiq Solutions

This information is good for anyone that requires custom daughterboard
code for the UHD. Whether its a custom daughterboard, custom
granddaughterboard, or misc modification…

Each file in uhd/host/lib/usrp/dboard is a self contained daughterboard
implementation that inherits from rx_dboard, tx_dboard, or xcvr_dboard
and registers itself into the factory system.

Each dboard object is given an interface that knows how to manipulate
the io, clocks, etc… See

So, one could easily build one of these dboard cpp files as a module
outside of the uhd build tree. As long as the module is listed in the
UHD_MODULE_PATH environment variable, it will be loaded at runtime, and
things will work. Eventually, just install it into
/share/uhd/modules (when thats implemented…)


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