UHD Announcement - May 18th 2011

Hello list,

– Tagged releases and binary installers

For the past month or so we have been tagging uhd releases and providing
binary installers for those releases. Installers are available for
windows, mac, and recent fedora and ubuntu OS.

Compatible FPGA and firmware images are installed along with the binary
installers. The images are also available “stand-alone” for users who
use uhd from source installation.

Binary installers can be downloaded from here:

And here is a table of supported installers:

– Release 003.001.000

The most recent release, 003.001.000, which I just tagged contains
support for the new SBX and TVRX2 daughterboards. This release will
require updates to the images for USRP-E100, USRP2/N products. For a
brief summary of the changes, see the changelog:

The download link for images can be found here:

Instructions for loading images on the sd card (USRP2):

Instructions for loading images on the flash (Nseries):

For USRP-E100 (just like USRP1) the latest images just need to be found
on the filesystem in /share/uhd/images:

– Misc links

I have noticed that some people have gotten lost in the search history;
finding source code, images, documentation. So the following links are
mostly for the web crawlers so we can have a few less confused users. I
hope :slight_smile:

Ettus R. USRP UHD Driver

Ettus R. USRP UHD Driver Documentation Manual Doxygen

Ettus R. USRP UHD Driver Binary Downloads Firmware FPGA Images