UHD Announcement - April 01st 2011

Hello list,

As promised, we have official releases for UHD and binary installers.


– Binary installers

Installers are available for ubuntu, fedora, apple, and windows os. See
the link for detail about what OS versions are specifically supported.


– Images

Firmware and FPGA images now come included with the binary installers.
However, they are also available individually for download for users who
are running UHD from a source checkout. The master branch of the UHD
will work with the images provided in the latest release.

– Other mentionables

  • There is now a gui app available for the USRP-N Series image burner.

  • Windows users, the uhd.dll is now installed into the runtime path.
    Your %PATH% should now include /bin and not /lib. I
    recommend to clean the old install.

  • Redhat linux family 64 bit users, the LIB_SUFFIX is now automatically
    set to 64. There may be some confusion if you were not manually setting
    this and your libs were installed into /usr/local/lib, they will now
    show up in /usr/local/lib64. I recommend to clean the old install.

Other mentionables here: